Statutory Sick Pay – Coronavirus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that statutory sick pay (SSP) will be paid from day one, not day four, for employees who have the coronavirus.

Announced yesterday , Johnson has stated that employees who self-isolate due to illness should not be ‘penalised for doing the right thing’. He therefore confirmed that, as part of emergency coronavirus legislation, SSP payments will be brought forward to day one of the illness, resulting in an extra payment per person.

The aim is that this will encourage people to stay away from work if they could potentially have been exposed to the virus and help slow down its spreading.

Although it is yet to be confirmed when this would come into law, and exact details are yet to be seen. With the coronavirus situation still developing, it is essential that employers are ready to implement these changes as soon as there has been confirmation.

Current SSP rates are set at £94.25 per week and are set to increase to £95.85 from 6 April 2020.

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