The spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, is an exceptional circumstance with ongoing ramifications for organisations, individuals and society on every level. As the situation continues to develop and change, we can provide updated advice, resources and guidance to support employers and people professionals in their response. The people profession is on the front line of helping organisations to adapt and respond to the coronavirus crisis, whilst also having to adapt to different circumstances and ways of working themselves. The outbreak of coronavirus, raises points of employment law, immigration, health and safety and data protection law for UK employers. Specific advice should be sought where necessary, as the situation is changing daily. By working with Jennetts HR Solutions you have access to Employment Law advice from qualified professionals 24 hours a day.
Looking for advice or support in any of these areas?

- Working safely
- Returning to the workplace
- Remote working
- Risk assessments
- Furlough and pay
- Supporting mental health
- Self isolation and SSP
- Job Retention Bonus
- Job Support Scheme
- Redundancy
- Template letters

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